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You can now enjoy maximum security with 24-hour 7 days a week security monitoring systems for your residence or commercial property. Install the perfect security system that meets your needs and protect your family and business today.       We also install fire systems that adhere to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, efficient security systems, surveillance cameras, and access controls.

Maximum security at your own ease just a call away !

Count on Data-Link's 34 years of experience when it comes to securing your family from unwanted threats!

Does the increasing number of crimes reported in the morning newspaper scare you? Get back the peace of mind with a 24/ 7 security monitoring system for your home and business.

We watch 24/7 over your home and business

Your home and place of work are places that are close to your heart. We know the importance of protecting things you adore. Call our technicians today to install 24-hour monitoring systems for medical and panic pendants. You can always expect fast alarm responses from our equipped systems. Any unwanted threat and our fast alarms allow you to be well prepared to face all situations!

Help prevent any damage to your home or business with 24/7 hour security!!

Keep a watchful eye over your home and business.

Call for installation of your 24 hour security system!




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