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Choose your desired level of security with reliable surveillance systems for your home or business. You can now monitor your production at work and simultaneously watch out for your kids at home. Data-Link brings to you the much needed peace of mind at your fingertips. You can now also install efficient fire systems and security systems to prevent any damages to your home or business.

Let us keep a healthy watch on your property !

Cameras are the most important part of Surveillance Systems. Let our professional technicians use their skills in installing cameras at the right place for optimum security.

You can secure your property from anywhere; take advantage of our professional services at potentially lower insurance premiums:

Count on the trust of thousands of satisfied customers since 1984!

You can view your property and loved ones from anywhere!


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  • Remote viewing setup

  • Network setup

  • Cellular Communicators

  • IP camera system

  • HD camera system

  • Sales and installation

  • Service Repair

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