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* Enjoy the latest remote arming/ disarming and cellular monitoring technology with Data-Link

*automation systems 

  *24-hour monitoring of medical, panic  security


Keep a watch on your property !

Cameras are the most important part of Surveillance Systems. Let our professional technicians use their skills in installing cameras at the right place for optimum security.

You can secure your property from anywhere; take advantage of our professional services at potentially lower insurance premiums:

You can view your property and loved ones from anywhere!

Save your property with an alert fire system !

Your fire systems will comply with the National Fire Protection Association's standards. So you know that you're getting a reliable system installed. Count on the workmanship and professionalism of our technicians.

We can Prevent unwanted trespassers & restrict entry!

Our access systems can fully integrate with any project from multi story office buildings, hospitals, condos or even as simple as a lock on your office doors or pool gate.

From lighting to ac controls, Let our team turn your home in a smart home. Create lighting schedules, temperature control. Lower your electric bill with home automation. 

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