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Commercial Security

Commercial security systems offer protection against theft, vandalism, and other threats, ensuring the safety of employees and customers. These systems can include features such as access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection, providing businesses with peace of mind knowing their property and assets are protected.n content and make changes to the font. 

Security Services

  • installation

  • Interior alarm detection

  • Exterior perimeter detection

  • Fence and Gate Alarms

  • Environmental detection

  • Flood detection

  • temperature and humidity

  • CO Detection

  • Smoke and Heat detection

  • Medical Alarms

  • Emergency phones

Surveillance Systems 

  • IP wired systems

  • HD Coax Upgrades

  • Wireless Cameras and transmitters

  • WIFI Cameras

  • PTZ Smart Tracking

  • Network setup and remote access

Fire Alarm

  • Installation

  • Fire alarm repair

  • maintenance

  • inspection

  • sprinkler monitoring

  • HVAC monitoring

Network Systems

  • Ground up installations

  • IT Rooms

  • Racks

  • access points

  • Residential network and WIFI Upgrades

Access Control Systems 

  • Electronic Locks

  • Medical and lockdown facilities

  • residential keyless entry

  • pool gates

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